By Claire West

Opal, the business division of TalkTalk Group, has further strengthened its market-disruptive broadband and voice offering for small businesses, with the launch of a cost-effective Mobile Broadband solution, in an exclusive partnership with T-Mobile.

The new mobile broadband package offers new and existing customers the opportunity to work wirelessly for just £6 a month. The latest in a series of Opal value-add services, Mobile Broadband is aimed at improving customers’ business broadband experience.

In a market-disruptive move, the combination of Mobile Broadband with Opal Office Broadband (OOB), Opal’s high speed, business-grade broadband proposition, can save the average customer more than £300 against BTs nearest equivalent package.* Mobile Broadband can also be taken in conjunction with the Opal Office Caller, already one of the most competitive line rental packages on the market.

A transparent pricing structure also ensures Mobile Broadband users are not victim to high overage charges — Opal only charge just £6 per 1GB over the included 1GB allowance.

Users will benefit from reliable, fast broadband speeds, up to 4.5Mb. The 1GB included allowance equates to a combination of about 8,000 emails, 40 hours of web browsing and 30 documents or photos uploaded and downloaded per month.

Brought to market in partnership with T-Mobile, the dongle hardware, which is included at no additional cost or set-up fee, has been awarded ‘Best Dongle on the Move’ by Broadband Genie, based on real customer experience, in addition to receiving the ‘Best Mobile Broadband’ Award by What Mobile and the Mobile Industry Awards.

Chris Collinson, Director of Small Business at Opal, said: “The new Mobile Broadband product is the latest move by Opal to further strengthen our business broadband and voice offering, by constantly innovating and adding value for our customers. By partnering with T-Mobile, users benefit not only from access to next generation connectivity via the Opal network, but also T-Mobile’s continually tested and improved mobile network, which ensures fast speeds coupled with strong and reliable coverage.”

“Mobile Broadband is the ideal cost-effective way for employees to access emails and the internet while on the move. By adding mobility to their existing package, users are able to be more productive, enabling businesses to benefit from significant time and cost savings.”