By Daniel Hunter

Only a quarter of the global workforce are in permanent jobs, according to the International Labour Organization (ILO).

The ILO report says that the rest of the workforce is in temporary or short-term contracts, or in an informal job without a contract.

The report, which covers around 85% of the entire global workforce, found that those not in full-time employment do not receive things like pensions or work benefits.

The ILO said there had been a rise in part-time employment since 2009, growing stronger than full-time. And women accounted for much of the rise. Nearly a quarter (24%) of women work less than 30 hours a week, compared to just 12.4% of men.

The organisation, which is part of the UN, is calling on governments around the world to ensure job security for all workers, not just those on "stable contracts".

The debate on zero hours contracts has raged in the UK over the past year. They were a hot topic during the general election with Labour promising to guarantee permanent positions after a certain period, but the Conservatives took a 'fine as they are approach'.