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More than one million businesses in the UK, as 12 million people, are falling into the digital skills gap, a charity has warned.

A survey of 4,000 people across the UK by Go.On UK, the charity launched to promote digital skills in the UK, found that Wales is in bad shape when it comes to the five key, but basic, digital skills.

A third of people in Wales are not able to manage information, communicate, make payments, solve problems, and create stuff online. London, Scotland and East Anglia, however, were much stronger with more than 80% having those skills.

The survey also found a gender gap in the digital skills gap. Eighty per cent of men said they possessed the five skills, compared to 74% of women.

Social factors

Go.On UK found that areas of weaker digital skills were more likely to suffer with poor socioeconomic indicators. Things like infrastructure and poverty were found to be high in areas with a bigger skills gap.

In Wales, for instance, internet access is at its lowest and Merthyr Tydfil is among the poorest areas in the UK.

Want to know how your area fairs for digital skills? Go.On UK has produced this heat map of the UK to indicate where digital skills are at their strongest. Dig a little deeper and the map presents a range of social and economic factors that affect the skills gap.