By Daniel Hunter

One in ten New Year's resolution focus on starting a business, according to crowdfunding platform, Angel's Den.

Eleven percent of those surveyed said their New Year's resolution will be to start their own business. Those who said they want to set up on their own were asked how their plans were coming along.

The vast majority (78%) admitted that their idea was still ‘just an idea’, whilst the remaining 22% had begun the process of setting up various aspects of their new business (website domain names/office locations/copyrights etc).

Food/drink businesses were the most popular, with 16% saying they wanted to start their own business in the industry.

Bill Morrow, co-founder of Angels Den, said:

“I think it’s absolutely fantastic that as many as one in ten...are planning on starting their own companies during 2015. What better time to begin that exciting journey than at the start of a fresh new year.

“With the various opportunities for securing financial investment now available to start-ups and entrepreneurs in the UK, there is really no reason why 2015 shouldn’t be the year that you finally take the leap."

Interestingly, finding a new job or changing your career path is set to be a more popular New Year's resolution this year with 18%.

Unsurprisingly, the usual health resolutions dominated the top 10. In fact, four of the top five focused on health.

'Get fitter and healthier' came out on top with 63%, followed by 'drink less alcohol' (57%), 'lose weight' (34%), 'get out of debt' (26%) and 'stop smoking' (22%).

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