By Marcus Leach

As concerns over impending travel chaos mounts in London and throughout the UK in the run-up to the 2012 Olympic Games, commuters have voted overwhelmingly to use conference calling as their way of avoiding the crowds.

80% of commuters said, 'Yes definitely' they would be using conference calling to avoid the crowds. A further 10% thought conference calls were a good idea during the Olympics and the remainder said they would continue to use conference calling as usual during the Olympic period.

Even when given the option to say, 'No way', absolutely no one ruled out the conference calling option according to an online poll carried out by

On the question of transport within the poll, 56% of commuters chose ‘bike/walking’ to be their best option for business travel during the Olympics. 33% of commuters will be working from home for ‘at least some’ of the Olympics.

Accommodation for concerned business travellers during the Olympics was the other hot topic — specifically in the capital. 60% of commuters intend to avoid London altogether in case they are unable to secure accommodation.

The remaining 40% once again voted for conference calling as their alternative to requiring travel accommodation. Fortunately for business generally, no one elected to simply cancel meetings. So it seems work will carry on regardless.

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