By Daniel Hunter

Almost one-in-four UK businesses have seen an increase in requests for flexible working in the 12 months since the Olympics, according to a YouGov survey.

And with Transport for London revealing 20% of commuters now spend one day a week working from home, up from 13% before last year’s Games, it is being hailed as a “watershed moment” for flexible working.

“The 2012 Olympics were a fantastic occasion for London, but it is great to see they have acted as a catalyst for genuine change among businesses," Andrew Millard, senior director marketing EMEA, online services division at Citrix, said.

“UK businesses could generate as much as £8billion* for the economy by adopting flexible working,” Millard continued. “Businesses taking this approach allow their staff to be just as productive no matter where they are, as well as raising morale by improving the all-important work/life balance that we all crave.

“What the Games gave London’s employers was a unique opportunity to trial flexible working — and all these statistics prove it was a big success.”

Millard added: “I firmly believe the office of the future will be hugely different, with staff able to work just as effectively from anywhere. It should long be remembered that the Olympics were a watershed moment for flexible working.”

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