By Ben Simmons

Among the greatest legacies of an infrastructure project on the scale of the Olympic Games will be lessons in teamwork and leadership among workers, the UK’s foremost recruiters group has said.

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation was invited to attend this week’s All-Party Parliamentary Group on the legacy of the London Olympics for management and UK business as a whole. Discussions focused on specific leadership skills required to deliver the project and highlighted the importance of getting the right staff into key positions from the outset.

The event was hosted by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and involved representatives from Government, the British Olympic Association, the Olympic Delivery Authority, the General London Assembly (GLA) and Deloitte.

“The legacy of the Olympics in terms of jobs and exportable management expertise will be a major topic over the coming months,” says Tom Hadley, Director of Policy & Professional Services at the REC. “The House of Commons debate confirmed that this is a unique opportunity to showcase the ability of British businesses across a range of sector to deliver”.

“There are key lessons in terms of leadership skills and the staffing requirements of delivering such a large infrastructure project. Effective recruitment and forward thinking procurement procedures have been key factors. Some of these messages have positive implications for the UK recruitment industry and will hopefully continue to resonate long after the Olympic circus has left town”.

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