By Claire West

A pleasant working environment is key to getting the most out of employees, according to a survey of over 100 London office staff by Metro Design.

Consultants: Only 21% described their current workspace as modern and functional, while 47% claimed their offices were in need of a revamp.

Almost half (49%) said that an office makeover would increase their productivity and more than half thought a better working environment would make them more organised (64%) and enable greater job satisfaction (62%).

Forty-three percent are embarrassed by the current state of their offices when clients and suppliers visit, and the most important factors contributing to a pleasant working environment were (as ranked in the top three):

• Friendly co-workers (70%)

• Good lighting (40%)

• Comfortable desk chair (38%)

• Flexible working options (38%)

According to employees, the effects of the working environment permeate into other business areas, impacting the ability to win new clients (40%), client / customer relations (36%), staff morale (57%) and staff retention (43%).

Unsurprisingly, when it comes to attracting new staff, the office environment is key — a significant 57% of employees questioned said that it would affect their decision to accept a job offer.

Daniel Taylor, Managing Director of Metro Design Consultants comments:
“The office environment says a lot about a business and can give clues as to how professional it is, and the general attitude of staff and management. A thoughtfully-designed space, with attention to the ergonomic details, will no doubt rub off on employees, helping to make them more proficient and hence more valuable to the business.”