By Claire West

The news that Microsoft is buying Nokia’s mobile phone business has been hailed as a positive move by existing Nokia users, according to a new survey. One third (33%) of Nokia handset owners said they are more likely to buy from the combined company in the future, while just 3% said they were less likely to purchase. 25% of Blackberry owners were more likely to switch to Nokia following the deal.

The survey of 1000 UK adults was conducted by rapid online survey company Usurv on 3rd September 2013. It reveals that users of other mobile phones are more wary of the Microsoft acquisition, with just 17% overall saying they’d be more likely to choose a Nokia in the future - while nearly half (47%) said it hadn’t changed their views either for or against the brand. 11% said they were less likely to buy from a Microsoft-owned Nokia.

Female Nokia users were most positive about the deal, with 37% more likely to purchase a new handset from Microsoft, against 29% of male owners of the Finnish handset.

How likely are you to consider buying a Nokia phone in the future?
· Existing Nokia owners - 33% more likely
· Blackberry owners - 25% more likely
· Apple iPhone owners - 16% more likely
· HTC owners - 15% more likely
· Samsung owners - 11% more likely

Commenting on the findings Guy Potter, research director at Usurv said: “While it is early days, consumer reaction to the Microsoft/Nokia deal seems to be broadly positive, particularly amongst existing users and owners of Blackberry handsets. However the vast majority of consumers are adopting a wait and see attitude, looking to see the details of future handsets before committing themselves to switch to Microsoft.”

Usurv conducted an online poll of 1000 UK adults on 3rd September 2013.