By Max Clarke

As yet there has been little or no change to air quality and traffic within or near the scrapped Western Extension of London’s Congestion Charge Zone, allaying the fears of the extension’s advocates.

The extension was scrapped earlier this year by London Mayor Boris Johnson in order to stimulate local buisnesses.

“We are very pleased that the Western Extension of the Congestion Charging zone has finally been abolished,” said Federation of Small Businesses London chief, Steve Warwick.

“Small businesses in west London will be able to go about their business without being subject to the Congestion Charge; an issue on which many of them voted in the last Mayoral election.”

Campaigners, however, opposed the move, predicting that air quality would deteriorate while traffic increased. Such concerns, TfL have indicated, have not materialised. Air quality has moved in line with the rest of the capital whilst NO2 levels have inexplicably seen a decrease.

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