By Daniel Hunter

Nintendo chief executive Satoru Iwata has died at the age of 55 after losing his battle against cancer.

Mr Iwata had recovered following surgery last year and had resumed his duties.

He has widely been credited as a leading figure in the success of some of Nintendo's most successful devices since joining in 2000.

In 2004, he led the launch of the Nintendo DS, which quickly became the best selling handheld games console device. Two years later, Nintendo witnessed the huge success of the Nintendo Wii console which prided itself on its attraction to a variety of ages.

However, Nintendo has struggled to cope with the advancements made by its competitors and in mobile gaming. The Japanese firm has been losing market share to the likes of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with many retailers refusing to sell the Wii U following poor sales.

But his importance to the industry has not been lost on many. Despite their competition, the PlayStation team tweeted: "Thank you for everything, Mr Iwata."