By Rachael Parker, Web Developer, Epiphany Solutions Ltd

From the 22nd of October, Nike is turning London into a giant game board with its new campaign Grid: run your city.

A lot of companies have been taking advantage of the increasing popularity of smartphones and using GPS enabled apps and location based services allowing you to check in and show the world where you are and what you’re doing. Nike, however, is going back to basics with their latest game by using London’s network of payphones.

They have divided London into a huge grid using 48 of its postcodes. Players run around the grid checking in at payphones to score points (you’re not charged for the calls). Each run scores 10 points and you can also earn badges for various goals etc. to score extra points. The more ways you run, the more badges you can earn. Whoever scores the most points in a postcode owns it. There are also mini games to ‘unlock’ by completing some runs and various prizes up for grabs/

Players register on www.nikegrid.com and can view all their completed runs on their profile page. The game also links in with Facebook, updating your profile page if you win a badge or break a record.

By using payphones to check in instead of smartphones this campaign is much more inclusive as all you need is access to the Internet to register, plus you don’t need to take your expensive phone out running with you! You can play solo or as a team, university or region. Players will have 15 days to run the city and try and win as many grids as possible, the maps were released last week (Monday 18th October).

And don’t worry about being super fit; points can be earned by finding shortcuts. So grab your trainers and start running!

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