By Jonathan Davies

With the party political conference season well underway, Nigel Farrage and UKIP took centre stage in Doncaster today (Friday).

After Labour leader Ed Miliband earlier this week focused on reversing spending cuts to the NHS, Nigel Farrage is expected to outline plans for major changes to income tax.

The UKIP leader announced plans to cut income tax from 40p to 35p for what he describes as 'the middle earners', workers earning £55,000 or more.

Mr Farrage also said that UKIP would raise the amount people must earn before paying tax to £13,500. He called for the three main political leaders to at least match this pledge.

The UKIP leader did concede that raising the threshold to £13,500 would cost £12 billion. So how would a UKIP government pay for it? By savings associated with leaving the EU and cutting the UK's foreign aid budget from £11 billion to £2 billion a year.

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