By Max Clarke

Pressure is mounting on embattled tabloid, News of the World, as more and more advertisers pull contracts.

Dixons, Ford Motors and Virgin holidays have all pulled ads from the popular Sunday publication in the face of escalating public outrage over the latest phone hacking and police bribery scandal.

Mitsubishi have also cancelled their advertising contracts, instead giving the sum to childline in an apparent bid to reverse the negative publicity thrown up by the media frenzy.

News of the World are known to have employed phone hacking frequently, but celebrities and politicians had largely been targeted and the news was met with little public outrage.

This latest scandal has arisen after it emerged that murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler’s phone had been hacked, as had victims of London’s 7/7 bombings and, most recently, the families of dead soldiers.

Under the hashtag #NotW, twitter users have been berating Rupert Murdoch’s publication, whilst imploring other companies affiliated with the paper to withdraw. Keen to appease the increasingly irate public, companies have been responded to their demands, and pulled advertising contracts.

This action, however, is largely symbolic and unless advertisers boycott the publication for a prolonged period, it is unlikely to dent the $33 billion News Corporation empire.

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