By Claire West

Labels.io - a Unique Smart Database of Job Seekers and Skills - Streamlines, Simplifies and Enhances Ability to Match Suitable Positions with Qualified Candidates Based on Key Attributes

November 2010 — The burgeoning number of social networks and recruitment Web sites have made it more difficult than ever for job seekers to be seen, heard and ultimately matched with suitable positions. This as recruiters are often inundated with resumes — many irrelevant to, or unqualified for, the position at hand. To address these and similar employment concerns on the global level, a public, free to use database has launched at www.Labels.io to provide recruiters and job seekers a smarter, easier and more effective means of matching specific experience and skills to available positions.

Labels.io was developed on the premise that professionals are defined by three specific criteria: past employer portfolio, skill sets, and personality. In kind, this new database solely focuses on providing this specific subset of information about a job seeker, foregoing the usual executive summary, functional expertise, key accomplishments and other corporate talk unduly padding those multi-page résumés and CVs. Job seekers may list — and recruiters may access — credential information completely free of charge. Only those employers that wish to post a job listing are charged a nominal fee.

“The idea to empower and aid hiring managers was born out of a sheer necessity, given how difficult it has become to find professionals with specific skills, abilities, experiences and work histories,” said Octavian Popescu, founder and CEO of Labels.io. “Three, four and five-page résumés are boring and unnecessary, diluting key information needed by employer to quickly and easily identify qualified candidates. As bad is the glut of resumes a recruiter must cull through in response to job postings, which are often completely unrelated to the position — a situation exacerbated by the high unemployment rate. In kind, the initial recruitment and screening process amid the avalanche of respondents can become a proverbial Russian Roulette where luck of the draw beats actual qualifications or background.”

Labels.io focuses on eliciting and organizing only the most critical information about a job seeker, and making that information highly visible to employers seeking particular candidate attributes. The site will soon feature automated jobs-to-candidate matching functionality making this process even easier. The keyword-rich Labels.io portfolio and skill set data entries allow job seekers to be readily found by employers looking for specific knowledge or background.

Candidates also add a personal touch by way of a “pitch” — one concise paragraph that showcases their personality and otherwise allows them to sell themselves as the best person for the job. Once all three sections are complete, job seekers receive a personalized profile URL (i.e., http://labels.io/YOU), which they may propagate at their discretion throughout social networks, on résumés and CVs, and other high visibility resources. In addition, employers and recruiting companies may create customized versions of the database based on individualized needs, and similarly promote and drive traffic their co-branded Labels.io page.

Because Labels.io is an open database accessible by the public at large, anyone can contact a job seeker or employer via the provided contact form, which does not avail personal e-mail or other contact details. Users may then access Labels.io’s personal profile reporting function to view a variety of visitor statistics, including the last 10 page visitors with referrers, top 10 referring search engine keywords, candidate’s 5 most valuable (searched for) skills, which skills generated the most page visits via internal site search, and other key metrics.

Popescu concludes, “With no direct competition in the marketplace and a solution with so much upside, we intend to revolutionize the field of technology recruitment. Labels.io is a game changer.”

About Labels.io
Based in Bucharest, Romania, Labels.io is a free-use, public-access database of job seekers and skills making it quicker, easier and more effective to match qualified candidates with specific skill and experience sets with suitable jobs. Focusing solely on three specific criteria - past employers, skills and abilities, and personality - Labels.io gives recruiters quick, easy and automated access to the most critical information needed to make a hiring decision — all at no cost. Learn more online at www.Labels.io or contact the company via email at press@Labels.io.