By Daniel Hunter

Clash Group, the leading New York based digital direct response advertising agency, has expanded into the UK. The transatlantic expansion offers UK brands and businesses unprecedented access — using a variety of online and mobile marketing solutions - to high volumes of consumers interested in the product or service they provide.

The announcement follows the company’s acquisition of Vendari, a leading UK Voucher Comparison site, and the appointment of Dominic Yacoubian Vendari’s CEO to head up Clash Group’s online advertising web portals.

Recent developments in Clash Group include taking on a mobile advertising re-targeting solution to draw back the 98% of online shoppers who look but don't buy. Clash has also added new web and mobile video advertising platforms to allow advertisers to precisely target specific users and gain access to over 250 million unique video viewers per month, and the launch of the world's first voucher comparison website.

"The unprecedented sophistication of its digital and mobile marketing strategy and technologies is good news for British and European businesses struggling as marketing budgets tighten in the tough economic climate," commented Simon Wajcenberg, CEO, Clash Group.

"Clash Group is unique in that it charges on a results only basis — only when a sale is made, new customer acquired or download completed is there a cost involved. Digital and mobile advertising also reaches tens of millions of consumers at a fraction of the cost of traditional platforms.

"We have a great opportunity to extend our existing offering into the UK and we’re pleased to welcome Dominic Yacoubian - veteran of the voucher and online retail market — to Clash Group", Wajcenberg continued. "Dominic will play an integral part in expanding our operations, both into the UK and our important US portal markets."

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