By Claire Wait

Casino operator Genting Casinos UK has witnessed double-digit growth in visitors to its website since being relaunched. Supported by a search engine optimisation strategy, there has been an increase in visits of 40% to compared to the same period last year. Improved landing pages and on-page content have helped to boost the average time each visitor spends on the website by 14% and raise the average number of pages viewed per visit by 13%.

Designed and built by Focus Integrated Marketing Communications, the new Genting Casinos UK website was created to work across two levels — corporate and venue. A corporate look and feel is complemented by venue specific identity-led designs which provide an improved user experience intended to maximise conversions.

Focus Integrated Marketing Communications began working with Genting Casinos UK in April 2009 to implement a search engine optimisation strategy. This was followed by the roll-out of a social media campaign to help the casino operator raise its online profile, connect with consumers and support the launch of new venues.

James Mercer, Managing Director at Focus Integrated Marketing Communications, said: “The new Genting Casinos UK website features a striking design born from the company’s brand identity. The site delivers a user friendly interface and good content which assists with search engine optimisation and social media. In addition, Genting Casinos UK is ranking on page one of for 99% of its targeted keywords and benefits from thousands of social media advocates. This demonstrates the strong position Genting Casinos UK has in the online arena.”

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