By Jonathan Davies

Vloggers will now have to make it clear when they are being paid to promote a product, service or brand, under new rules announced by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Operating a vlog, or video blog, is a popular and useful way for self employed workers to make money through advertising. They can either generate revenue through adverts posted before, during or after their video, or, some of the most popular vloggers are paid by brands to promote their products.

Now, vloggers will have to make it clear that they are being paid to promote the product. They are free to give an honest review when businesses send a sample, but only if they are not being paid.

The ASA is growing increasingly concerned that many YouTube viewers believe their favourite vloggers are talking about a product just because they like it not because they are being paid, something that would break advertising laws.

The ASA has said it is not giving a standard logo to indicate that a vlogger is being paid to talk about a product, unlike television programmes which have to present the black and white 'P' logo to indicate 'Product Placement'.