By Daniel Hunter

Intuit, the makers of small business accounting software QuickBooks, is making it easier for new employers to get to grips with the legal obligations when hiring new staff.

Partnering with Epoq, the UK’s leading provider of online legal services, Intuit is offering its customers an Intuit version of Epoq’s MyLawyer service (, an innovative online solution that helps small businesses owners create legal documents for themselves at a fraction of the cost of a high street solicitor.

With just weeks until the start of the new tax year, now is a crucial time for new employers to organise their payroll systems and put systems in place for the new financial year.

The new service, delivered as part of Intuit’s Payroll service, provides nearly 40 customisable legal documents including employment contracts, disciplinary and dismissal documents, employment procedures, sickness and absence policies that will help address the administrative andregulatory hurdles that small business owners face when hiring new staff.

Through the use of simple, flexible lawyer-approved templates,MyLawyer speeds up the process and significantly reduces the cost associated with the preparation of professional legal documents. Furthermore, the simplicity of the process means that employers can draft standard legal documents with no specialized training or knowledge.

MyLawyer will help small businesses:

· Ensure they have the right policies and paperwork in place
· Understand their obligations and keep on top of changing rules
· Reduce legal costs and get expert advice from lawyers
· Stay on top of changing employment law
· Provide the tools required to help comply with employment and health and safety law.

“For many business owners, dealing with employment contracts and health and safety regulations is an expensive and time consuming process with individual documents costing hundreds if not thousands of pounds to produce," Pernille Bruun-Jensen, managing director of Intuit UK, said.

“Through our partnership with Epoq, we are making it easier for small business owners to develop the essential documentation they need to run their businesses effectively for a fraction of the price. This is of particular use to business owners that want a quick, easy and above all cost-effective way to ensuring they are complying with legal best practice.”

MyLawyer will be supplied as an additional service for customers using Intuit’s Payroll software, which simplifies payroll processing for small businesses.

“We are delighted to be working with Intuit to help it enhance its service and give customers access to the extensive range of easy-to-complete employment law documents through our MyLawyer service,"

"As the leading provider of online legal document services, Epoq is committed to improving access to legal solutions for both small businesses and individuals,” Richard Cohen, solicitor and executive chairman of Epoq, said.

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