By Claire West

LATIS, a leading innovator of sustainable built
environments worldwide is utilizing the social media tool to launch a new green ideas and innovation networking group in the UK.

Focused on improving people’s lives through design and innovation, LATIS aims to encourage and promote green ideas, design and innovations within a social context, encouraging a collective entrepreneurial spirit to tackle the environmental challenges of the 21st Century.

Aimed at everyone interested in green ideas and innovations, the group meets bi-monthly to share skills, knowledge and expand networks across a broad spectrum of industries - From entrepreneurs to financiers, designers to investors, artists to journalists- with the goal of providing an informal
platform to discuss perspectives, thoughts and nurture ‘green’ opportunities.

“Social Networking provides a unique opportunity for LATIS to establish itself in this growing and dynamic area of green innovations, trends and ideas that will ultimately determine the future of the sustainable built
environment", says Robert Luck, Managing Director of LATIS "Globally, the company recognizes the incredible growth potential of target driven networks, and having a truly dynamic and diverse forum to share and test
green ideas truly exemplifies the LATIS ethos”.

Reviewing the first LATIS meetup, Aron Rachamin a LATIS meetup member and Co-Founder of Nova Parking, a green parking technology commented “So many people with vision, this group is a great way to connect with other innovators that believe the best way to be green is to grow new great

The group will hold its second meeting at LVPO bar in Soho on 7th Dec 2010 with the festive taste of mulled wine and mince pies to fuel the discussions.