By Daniel Hunter

Embracing online video as part of a marketing strategy is the next big thing for brands who hold an online presence, according to industry experts.

Companies are now rushing to become video-savvy and offer an online video strategy that will help to drive traffic, engage customers and ultimately lead to sales.

Many marketers are choosing to attend video strategy workshops run by companies such as Hub TV which allow organisations the opportunity to get the most out of their video production and help them achieve their business objectives.

According to a report by Celtra half of all web traffic on mobile devices is video related and all internet traffic globally will be 55 per cent video by 2016.

It is estimated online video advertisements will be a $9bn (£5.8bn) industry within four years. The figure currently stands at about half that, but only a quarter of all businesses have devised an online video strategy to take advantage of the burgeoning market.

With a significant chunk of the consumer market switching to video, brands need to deliver an online video strategy alongside written content, images and social media provision.

 As a result of the shift to online video one of the world’s biggest media brands, the New York Times, has decided it will allow users to watch all videos on the website free of charge.

The New York Times was one of the first websites in the world to erect a paywall which charged readers to access the content.

While written articles remains firmly behind the paywall, the New York Times has revealed video content will be moved outside because of the benefits of readers viewing the videos.

Video content allows brands to showcase their products or services in an engaging format and the vast array of options available to monetize video means now is the time to take advantage of the boom in video views online.

The audience for online video is growing and videos can make your business money in a variety of ways.

Videos can be tagged with calls to action including links to sales pages and lead generation sections of websites. 

Using a video to direct traffic to an online business can be incredibly effective.

An eConsultancy report shows there was an 18 per cent rise in businesses using video in the past 12 months but a 36 per cent increase in the effectiveness of online video marketing strategies. 

If your brand is ready to implement an online video strategy quickly, efficiently and affordably it is imperative to get some advice to maximise the effectiveness of a campaign.

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