By Max Clarke

Hunterston is the desired site for a new Scottish multi-fuel power station to be developed by Ayrshire Power.

Executive careers consultancy UK Knack Group reports that the power authority will benefit from the enterprise of the Petrofac/Doosan Power Systems/Fluor consortium, implementing the exciting new carbon-capture-and-storage technique — known as CCS.

UK Knack Group’s chief executive officer has said of the proposal, which aspires to producing Great Britain’s most efficient power plant, “This CCS procedure should capture about 90 percent of all CO2 and provide electricity to around 3 million houses. As well, we’re looking at the prospect of 1860 engineering jobs for men right throughout North Ayrshire, Renfrew and Hunterston.”

The CO2 will be stored underground, and the power station will have the technical capacity to burn not only coal, but also bio-mass; this, according to the project manager Muir Miller, “will see Scotland leading the way in developing a truly sustainable approach to meeting the UK’s energy needs.” Miller went on to express his appreciation of the working partners’ expertise and experience, an edge endorsed by UK Knack Group’s managing director: “This project is envisaged to be a 100 million pound investment, which is a massive opportunity for local product and service suppliers to make fortunes.”

With building permission in hand, Ayrshire Power is working now on raising the necessary finance. The EU has pledged almost 4 billion pounds for renewable energy and CCS this coming year, so the utility is hopeful of funding from the Department of Energy and Climate Change.