By Max Clarke

Since the release of Apple's iPad, there has been an explosion in the number of tablets on the market. The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas saw the unveiling of dozens more, prompting commentators to label 2011 'The Year of the Tablet'.

We have seen Samsung come up with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and we have seen Blackberry follow suit with the Blackberry Playbook. Now, there are the two new tablets that offer exciting features. These are the Motorola Xoom and the HTC Flyer.

If you are looking for a tablet that will allow you to enjoy computing power like never before, the Motorola Xoom is the best choice: it comes with the most powerful processor ever to be equipped on a tablet- a 1 GHz dual-core processor.

This will allow you to do an assortment of things all at once at half the time. You will never feel a decrease in performance while running multiple applications. Switching from app to app or application to application will be done smoothly. You will have no problems running requirement-demanding applications like media players, games, video conferencing, and apps. Prepare to run all of these simultaneously without any hitch.

The HTC Flyer does not come with a dual-core processor. Instead, it comes with a 1.5 GHz processor. You may wonder why HTC outfitted its tablet with this powerful single-core processor. The reason behind this is tablet gaming. It needs this processor to focus its attention more on popular console games.

Not only does this tablet come with the most powerful single-core processor; it also comes with OnLive Gaming Service integration. With this integration, you will never have to purchase separate game consoles ever again. No matter where you may be, you can enjoy popular 3D games just as long as you have access to high-speed internet.

Both tablets run on the latest tablet OS Android has to offer. They both run on the latest Android 3.0 OS (Honeycomb). This highly advanced OS was especially designed for tablet PCs. With this OS, you enjoy more from web fidelity, easy multi-tasking, apps from the Android Market, and energy efficiency.

Tablets just get better and better. Prepare to enjoy more from computing power and gaming with the Motorola Xoom and HTC Flyer.