By Daniel Hunter

Research carried out by accountancy and business advisory firm RSM Tenon, has revealed that despite being only weeks away from the launch, 79% of small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are not aware of the Green Deal, even though companies stand to benefit from it.

A new Government subsidy scheme, The Green Deal, is an initiative designed to help businesses and home owners to employ more green technologies in their properties.

“The Green Deal idea is simple - homeowners install new green technology into their properties with no upfront costs," John Abbott, Head of Clients and Markets at RSM Tenon said.

"They will pay back the costs through their energy bill over a period of time. Both companies and consumers will benefit in the long run.”

The Green Deal is due to start from the end of January and some companies are gearing up to service the residential housing association retrofit market as a result.

The RSM Tenon Business Barometer - a quarterly survey carried out by You Gov of senior management in small and medium sized enterprises — showed some 25% of enterprising companies are gearing up to do this, but many more stand to benefit.

Renewable energy companies seem to be faring well, partly thanks to the government’s ‘feed-in-tariff’ subsidy, which stimulated the market in 2010 and 2011.

Examples include Anesco which was created out of a division of Scottish and Southern Energy in 2010 and First Utility which provides gas and electricity to 100,000 domestic consumers and small businesses.

The future performance of these companies is likely to be affected by the reduced levels of subsidy at the start of 2012, but The Green Deal is likely to make up for this.

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