By Daniel Hunter

IT departments are being forced to adapt their working environments in order to keep up with the speedy technological developments and the economic shifts, according to a survey by MSM software.

With 95 per cent of IT departments being forced to alter their infrastructure, MSM Software have been investigating how businesses can remain afloat as the landscape changes further in upcoming years.

It also came to light that almost half of organisations in the past two years have been unable to invest in new, innovative, business-critical systems which are core to their aims of their business.

Reasons for this lack of investment vary, with many blaming the hard economic times, but with this pattern increasing, a lack of necessary software investment can lead to a reduction in long-term collaborations, harming the IT businesses down the line.

The study was based on interviews with 100 IT managers at middle manager level and above, in large UK- based organisations with over 250 employers in order to pinpoint their views about the changing nature of IT in their sector.

“We firmly believe that long-term relationships bring the most benefit to an organisation. If the right supplier is procured they will act as a mainstay to your ever changing business needs and react with appropriate help and support as it is needed," Thomas Coles, Chief Executive at MSM Software said.

Kate Sandall, Head of Infrastructure & Operations at Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance (London Management) Ltd, who have partnered with MSM Software, said: “Enduring relationships are the core to effective vendor partnerships. At the end of the day, having the stability of a trusted supplier makes being flexible to meet an uncertain future a lot easier.”

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