By Jonathan Davies

French Connection and Foot Locker are among the 48 most recent minimum wage offenders to be 'named and shamed' by the government.

Governments ministers said the 48 companies owe a total of £162,000 to staff and face fines of up to £67,000.

Business minister Jo Swinson said: "There's no excuse for companies that don't pay staff the wages they're entitled to."

Hairdressing chain Toni & Guy is also among the 48 named, although it appears to only relate to one branch and one employee.

French Connection has failed to pay almost £16,500 to 367 workers and Foot Locker owes more than £16,700 to 601 employees.

A spokesperson for French Connection said: "French Connection co-operated fully with HMRC in assessing the amounts involved and paid the arrears at the earliest possible opportunity. French Connection fully supports the UK Government's minimum wage legislation and we are apologising to our staff for the inconvenience."

Toni and Guy said: "As a company with over 400 salons globally under its brand umbrella, we do not condone any kind of mishandling of staff wages. Once made aware, the franchisee resolved the issue swiftly."

The latest list of companies brings the total to 210 since the government embarked on its policy of naming and shaming minimum wage offenders.

The investigations carried out by the HMRC have found that the 210 companies have owed staff £635,000 and fines have reached £248,000.

The businesses have 28 days to respond to the allegations.