By Claire West

Competition Minister Edward Davey announced the appointment of 14 new members for the Competition Appeal Tribunal, the body that hears and decides appeals and other applications or claims involving competition or economic regulatory issues.

The new members are: Margot Daly; Joanne Stuart; Timothy Cowen; Brian Landers; Dr Clive Elphick; Stephen Harrison; Bill Allan; Jonathan May; Clare Potter; Professor Stephen Wilks; Professor Gavin Reid; Professor John Beath; Professor Colin Mayer; and Dermot Glynn.

Consumer Minister Edward Davey said:

“The members I am appointing represent a range of expertise, gained at the highest levels of business, academia, the law and other fields. They will help ensure the continued authority and effectiveness of the Tribunal.”

Cases are heard before a Tribunal consisting of three members: either the President or a member of the panel of chairmen, who are judicial appointments, and two ordinary members.

The ordinary members are selected for their expertise in law, business, accountancy, economics and other related fields.