By Claire West, Fresh Business Thinking

There is a huge gap between funding supply and demand with less than 10% of businesses securing the funding they apply for.

There is hope for small-to-medium size businesses seeking finance but it’s less likely to be via a traditional bank finance arrangement.

There are numerous other routes to funding but unless you live in that particular world it might all seem like a bit of a mystery.

Crowd funding?

Angel Investment?

Invoice discounting?

Asset Finance?

For example - Did you know that under the government’s Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) tax relief of £78,000 is received on an investment of £100,000, giving a net cost of investment of £22,000?

That means that someone investing in your business (if certain criteria are met) will get 78% tax relief – and better than that if they hold their shares for 3 years shares will be exempt from Capital Gains Tax !!

If you want to understand more about these less traditional funding options then help is at hand.

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