By Daniel Hunter

Housing Minister Mark Prisk is pleased to announce the transfer of Homes and Communities Agency functions and assets back to the people of Milton Keynes.

As a result of this transfer Milton Keynes Council will take over full control of planning decisions in the area, as well as management of land previously held by the Homes and Communities Agency. They will now be fully accountable to the people of Milton Keynes for housing growth and regeneration in their area.

Mark Prisk said: "This deal puts Milton Keynes councillors and local residents firmly in control, to help support local growth, new homes and new jobs. This shows how the coalition government is decentralising power from Whitehall and its quangos down to elected representatives and to local communities.

Pat Ritchie, Chief Executive of the Homes and Communities Agency said: "The Homes and Communities Agency has been working closely with colleagues at the Department for Communities and Local Government and Milton Keynes Council for many months to facilitate this transfer which is a good example of localism in action.

"We look forward to a continuing relationship with Milton Keynes Council, supporting their plans for growth."

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