By Claire West

Microsoft Advertising has launched a new seasonal package ‘Right to your door’, to help online retailers maximise their ROI during the most critical period of the year.

‘Right to your door’, developed by the Microsoft Advertising and Ciao UK, brings together search optimisations, e-commerce and re-messaging in one coherent package to ensure this Christmas is a happy one for online retailers.

A dedicated microsite has been created, www.righttoyourdoor.co.uk , as a destination to arm online retailers with all the right tools, insights and offers to maximise their advertising performance during the Christmas period. This covers:

-Ciao UK ecommerce — case studies and industry reports to provide best practices on previous campaign successes on Ciao, one of Europe’s leading shopping and comparison portals. Advertisers will also be able to take advantage of a seasonal offer to sign up free to Ciao UK, and get five pence off Ciao UK cost per click rate for the first month.

-Search optimisations — links to seasonal tips and vertical insight one pagers, keyword list suggestions and downloadable tools such as the Microsoft Advertising Intelligence Tool . This aims to empower advertisers to optimise their search marketing campaign for the specific search behaviours experienced during Christmas. Combined with the support of the Microsoft Advertising teams, these assets will improve return as well as helping improve a retailer’s position with relevancy, effectiveness and clever budgeting. This seasonal support provides an ideal complement to Microsoft’s search advertising platform, adCenter, which delivers great ROI though unique targeting capabilities and Demographics Prediction.

-Targeting — including an introduction to re-messaging as the perfect complement for high profile performance advertisers. Microsoft re-messaging technology enables marketers with an advertising budget of over £5000 to keep their brand front of mind, build a one-to-one dialogue and continue to communicate with their key prospects right up the point of purchase and on an on-going basis. The premise of targeting is to use intelligence from site visitors’ previous behaviours to target them with personalised display ads and encourage them through to checkout.

Cedric Chambaz, Marketing Manager at Microsoft Advertising; “The ramp towards Christmas and Boxing Day is one of the busiest and most critical times of the year for online retailers. This is the month during which their annual turnover is made or missed. At the same time, thousands of stressed Christmas shoppers are searching the web for products. Additionally, the Christmas period drives unique search behaviours which require retailers to adapt their on-going search marketing campaigns. As an example, searches for free delivery increase during the Christmas shopping season, so any retailers offering this service should make sure it’s part of their keyword portfolio and ad copy.

“This seasonal package we are offering aims to show retailers how they can clear the way for greater sales, by guiding customers through the online clutter and delivering them right to the retailer’s door.”

Microsoft Advertising has recently published a series of seasonal retail specific tips to help retailers develop their campaign planning, fine-tune their keywords portfolio and optimise their bidding strategy. Please visit the microsite on www.righttoyourdoor.co.uk for more information.