By Maximilian Clarke

Men are driving a surge in ecommerce, spending significantly more time and money online than women.

It is no wonder, argues Kevin Flood, of social retail platform, Shopow that this Christmas men are turning to the net to source their Christmas gifts. Studies are suggesting that bargain hunters will be walking 30 miles shopping this Christmas and whilst doing so will wait an hour and half on average in the queue. Reports that will no doubt thrust this new trend in online shopping by men to the forefront.

According to research, 81% of women find shopping trips to the high street an enjoyable day out as opposed to 43% of men, with many more men now turning online to source their gifts this Christmas. With 85 million visits due to retail websites daily, it is expected that men will make up the vast proportion of these visitors. And while women flock to the crowded high street hunting for bargains and offers, men will be doing exactly the same, minus the need to face the gauntlet of overcrowded shops and inexperienced shop assistants that have no clue what their doing.

In light of this emerging trend, social shopping has set the scene for consumers to shop online through sharing, discussing and reviewing products so that more savvy and informed purchases might be made. The surge in this trend is based on the belief that shopping online is ‘cool’‚ especially for electronics together with the added advantage of saving on fuel that would otherwise be used to drive to the shops and avoiding the traffic.

Tapping into this market is Kevin Flood, co-founder and CEO of Shopow, who commented, that; “with everyone having a Merry Austerity Christmas and high street retailers starting panic sales over concerns about being left with unsold stock, online shopping is emerging as a growth area.

“Shoppers are on the hunt for deals but are increasingly looking online for big discounts and are sharing their best finds with friends and family; something which is increasingly difficult with the purse strings tighter than a drum.”

This has been achieved through the form of a virtual high street where your friends are able to give you advice based on their experiences on the products that have purchased, as opposed to listening to an inexperienced shop assistant after shuffling through crowds of people this Christmas.

The site brings together the benefits of sourcing great deals, by generating items from over 22,000 retailers who have signed up to the site through one search of a product. This allows consumers to compare products that are based on unbiased criteria such as prices, delivery and comments by other users. The benefits of the arrival of websites such as Shopow is that it allows retailers to be better informed of consumers feedback which in turns leads to retailers making improvements on comments and feedbacks made.

Ellen Flood, Director of Shopow puts it succinctly when she stated on BBC Breakfast that online seems to be the way people are shopping these days and has revolutionised the way we shop. Consumers trust social shopping as they can share reviews with friends and their recommendations are trustworthy.

It is no wonder this straight forward approach has been favoured by men thereby pushing online shopping to the fore for men this Christmas.

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