By Marcus Leach

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has announced plans to invest £41,345,000 to regenerate, transform and restore pride to Tottenham, neglected for many decades before it was so badly scarred by last summer's troubles.

Already earmarked by the Mayor a priority regeneration area before last summer's disturbances, the investment in Tottenham will rebuild its damaged high street and restore its long disused and derelict properties.

The money represents the largest share of the Mayor's £70 million Regeneration Fund to go to a single area and will help kick start development of key but dormant sites along the High Road as well as deliver major improvements to the area's wider infrastructure and public realm.

In particular it will help maximise the huge opportunities that will arise from Tottenham Hotspur’s plans to invest a colossal £400 million in its new stadium development.

Equally important will be the millions that will be invested into jobs creation and skills development, prioritising local people who have for far too long been denied the opportunity to realise their potential.

Together, the investment streams will see the area reborn as a more attractive place to live, work and invest in, raising residents' aspirations and restoring pride and belief in their futures.

The overall programme is predicted to create 500 construction jobs over five years, 2000 long term jobs and 350 apprenticeships, plus 15,000 sqm in new commercial space, and over 100 new businesses.

The Mayor’s aim is ensure that all contracts awarded for regeneration work must provide jobs for local people and the project team will be working with local businesses to make sure they are in a good position to bid for suitable contracts.

The Mayor’s Regeneration Fund, set up to help those communities most affected by the 2011 summer riots, includes £20 million central Government funding for Tottenham and Croydon, and the rest from City Hall.

Investment through the Fund will support work and master-planning across the following areas:

• £27 million for North Tottenham/Northumberland Park — to support transport infrastructure and public realm improvements to help unlock proposals for the major stadium-led regeneration scheme.
• £2.8 million into a package of works to improve the High Road, bringing disused buildings back into use, paving the way for growth in terms of housing, employment and community.
• £4 million to support an Opportunity Investment Fund — to purchase key sites to bring forward development on the High Road and at Tottenham Hale.
• £4.5 million for an Employment and Skills programme to provide support for hard to reach young people and problem families in terms of employability, access to jobs and skills training.
• £3 million to transform 639 High Road for community use. Formerly borough planning offices, this listed building, opposite the Carpet Right store, was burnt out during the disturbances. The building will be transformed into a Team London Enterprise and Employment Hub creating a space that will house a number of different initiatives and schemes helping business start-ups and young entrepreneurs, as well as supporting skills and employment opportunities for local people, youth sport projects and volunteering opportunities. It is also proposed that the site will house a social enterprise café. The project team will be working with the local community to involve them in running and managing the hub.

"London is ripe for investment with falling crime, an unparalleled upgrade of our transport system plus all the benefits of a dynamic and creative workforce, and Tottenham in no exception," Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said.

"This is not simply about repairing the damage from mindless violence but turning around the ship of long term unaddressed decline. I am determined that this money will see lasting change, bringing opportunities, growth and jobs, raising the sights of Tottenham’s young and instilling the belief that they have the same opportunities as others to realise their potential.

"Tottenham should never feel forgotten again as every one of its residents has a crucial part to play in the shining future of this great world city."

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