Behind every successful business are the people that make it what it is. Utilising these people to act as a voice for your business can be a powerful way to gain press exposure through generating human interest, adding credibility to your brand or providing expert insight into a topical issue.

Outlined below are seven ways that you can bolster your business by promoting your experts and using them as spokespeople across the media.

Feature placement

As the thought-leaders behind the brand, spokespeople will have a wealth of tips and knowledge that can be compiled and tailored to different sections of the media.

Providing an in-depth understanding of topical issues relating to your particular business is the perfect way to achieve high quality features. Think about subjects that are likely to generate human interest, inform and evoke thought. Well written, relevant content has the potential to increase exposure across the press and position your spokesperson as an expert in their field.

Top tips for consumers

Being strategic and pre-empting the annual hooks that journalists are likely to be covering is a good way to secure media interest. Whether focussing ideas around key dates in the calendar such as Christmas and Easter, or hooks such as holiday season, why not showcase your brand leader’s knowledge by putting together tips for consumers? Think outside the box and make their skills relevant; whether a health, lifestyle or fashion expert there may well be opportunities to advise and inform.

News agenda

It is important to monitor the news agenda and be reactive. Is there a breaking story that your expert could speak about with authority? Might their insight be of use to a reporter? An expert comment on an item in the news, is a great way to engage the public and ensure your business reaches the correct audience. Keep commentary relevant and make sure what is said keeps in line with your brand’s ethos.

E-alerts and press releases

E-alerts are simple to create and very effective - if you are looking for a short, snappy way of displaying your spokespeople, then an e-alert is ideal for this specific purpose. Can you separate out the capabilities of those behind your brand and educate journalists about who will be best placed to comment on certain issues? Keeping it visual and concise will allow journalists to pinpoint exactly who they want to speak to.

Press releases can serve a similar purpose but have the potential to be more detailed – including attention grabbing quotes from your expert and more background about the subject matter.

Press events

If your client is a competent speaker why not organise some intimate events to showcase their expertise?

This can be done in the form of a conference or an open forum for questions; but remember there must be a draw, such as an interesting topic, to entice the press. It is a good idea to create a Q&A set-up where journalists can ask specific questions that may relate back to their editorial agenda.

Whilst allowing the press the chance to gain a real understanding of your business, it is a chance to build crucial relationships and if your expert impresses, it is likely journalists will request for their insight again and again in the future.

Social media

If you don’t have the time or budget for a press event, social media is a great platform for allowing the public and bloggers the chance to interact with your experts.

‘Ask the expert’ Twitter Q&As are a great way to engage users and elevate the profile of your spokesperson. Whilst delivering useful information and showcasing their knowledge, he/she can simultaneously direct people back to the website and drive traffic to the business. Hashtags are key and can be used to create trends and spark online debates and discussion.


Most business owners will have been on an interesting journey when it comes to the history of their brand. Detailing your expert’s experience and telling their story is a great way to appeal to new areas of the press.

Whether written as a business profile, a feature, or top tips, maximise on your brand leader’s business acumen. Creating a picture in the press of the origins of the business also helps people to understand your brand’s philosophy and allow readers to form a more personal connection.

By Shelley Frosdick, Director of Consumer and Lifestyle, PHA media