The power of events is easily underestimated. Often they are seen as a source of building revenue or as a marketing tool to broadcast a concept to industry peers.

But events bring so much more; marketed and executed correctly, your event will broadcast your brand’s names far and wide as content is talked about and shared for weeks and months around the big day.

The whole practice is built upon people coming together and this opens up a whole new world of fresh opportunities through organically created leads.

Consider the following points to maximise the power of leads through the events that you stage.

Learn about your audience

The power of your voice in today’s marketing environment depends a great deal on the quality of data at your disposal, which will give your messages focus and direction. Woefully under-practiced in the industry, collecting information on those participating in your event is critical.

Use registration and contact forms to achieve a foundation of data, employing relevant and easy-to-answer questions, ideally in multiple choice or closed format. Avoid questions that elicit long subjective answers as these are difficult to read and measure.

Nurture your networking

Networking simulates a natural meeting environment in which the pressure to act and behave naturally can make participants freeze over and uninclined to socialise.

Take the pressure off by adopting a working - instead of a socialising - mindset: you are there to do a job which involves walking up to a new person saying hello and saying what you do.

This approach offers a more clear cut psychological entry into what will turn out to be an enjoyable, sociable and hopefully profitable interaction.

When you begin to move around the room, try to isolate decision makers and make an effort to reach out to them once you have your confidence warmed up.

Organise your team

Ensure your team are on the same level as you, equipped with the same knowledge and priorities, whether that concerns selling a product or searching for the right person to work with.

Are you using literature - whether hard copy or online - to support your presentation? If so, are all members of your team happy and confident in mobilising this content and putting it into a context that a prospective lead will be able to digest inside a short conversation?

Aim for pitch perfect

You will feel far more confident meeting people at an event if you know precisely what you are going to say and what you are looking for from prospective leads.

Try to anticipate reactions and questions from parties who will know exactly how to cut to the chase. Not knowing your facts, figures and position within the industry is a fast-track to becoming an uninteresting person to engage with.

Ultimately, practice makes perfect; your pitch will become honed the more networking events you attend. Relax, do your homework and don’t expect to get it right every time.

Follow up on leads

Compare the number of business cards you collect to the number of emails you send as a result; normally the numbers are disproportionate.

Following up is essential, even if it’s just to say ‘hi’ and remind your new contact that you valued making their acquaintance. At worst, you will have given a professional, highly respectable account of yourself among your peers. Best case scenario? The sky’s the limit!

Ultimately, only a small number of leads convert. Not following up will guarantee that number hits zero every time.

As networking techniques and lead generation have developed, so too has the competition in today’s modern marketplace.

Marketers need to grasp every opportunity to build relationships and create goodwill to establish a business climate within which new leads can flourish.

Beyond giving a pitch to prospective new leads, events give a unique opportunity to interact with and learn about new brands in a way that hones your focus and personality. This organic approach to lead generation needs to be integral to any company’s bottom line, and events are the place for this to be tested and perfected.

By Stephen White, Amplified Business Content

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