By Jonathan Davies

The UK needs a need institution to lead an ambitious charge to make it the most digital nation on the planet, according to digital skills campaigner Martha Lane Fox.

The Baroness of Soho is leading the charge to create 'Dot Everyone'.

Baroness Lane Fox, who founded during the dotcom boom, said in a petition cover letter: "We have an opportunity to make Britain brilliant at digital. We’ve been going too slow, being too incremental - in skills, in infrastructure, in public services. We need to be bolder."

Ms Lane Fox plans to take the petition to the Prime Minister, calling for 'Dot Everyone' to be implemented.

In the note, she says 'Dot Everyone' must do three things:

Firstly, 'Dot Everyone' has to help educate all of us, from all walks of life, about the internet.

Secondly, 'Dot Everyone' must put women at the heart of the technology sector.

Finally, 'Dot Everyone' must help the UK aim for a much more ambitious global role in unpicking the complex moral and ethical issues that the internet presents.

We've signed the petition! You can find the full cover letter and add your support here.