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Does the Bank of England governor live in the real world, ask his critics? Now he wants to give rid of the penny coin, oh dear, he should get real, they say.

The governor of the Bank of England earns £800,000 a year, so it’s a bit rich when he says that he doesn’t see many penny coins, these days. He fails to grasp that, in some of the poorer areas of this country, a penny can buy a three-course meal.

Mr. ‘I am so rich that I can’t be bothered with pennies’ Carney is out of touch with a sizable minority of people in this country who work 15-hour shifts down the mine for a grand total one penny in pay, and then they get taxed on it.

The Daily Mail was up in arms, pointing out, quite rightly, that the governor’s nick-name when he was at school was ‘Carnage’ and what carnage it would bring if we phased out the penny!

Tory MP, Ian Liddel-Grainger, who had just returned from a tour of a Victorian workhouse, told the Mail Online that the penny was part of the ‘British psyche’ – how dare this Canadian, with his fancy suits, want to reject hundreds of years of British culture, whatever next, he may want to ban wrapping fish and chips up in newspapers, or ban that wonderful educational experience for children that is making them sweep chimneys. Doesn’t Carnage appreciate that the UK is a country steeped in tradition, and it is vital that we never change the habits of the last few hundred years just to pander to modern ideas and technology?

And now, let’s turn to the latest idea born fresh from some ivory towered hot-bed of leftist nonsense, someone has suggested repealing the Red Flag Act – what lunacy.