By Ben Simmons

The understatement of the century but it is true, in a struggling economy in which the government is failing to support its people and businesses; managing finances has never been more crucial to ensure we see the downturn all the way through.

Charleston Financial is a leading finance company which has proven that careful financial planning can be the difference between make or break; “We started as a small commercial mortgage broker in 2009 and have grown through the recession, helping intermediary businesses to grow and providing financial support for individuals” James Hardwick, Charleston Financial.

During a time in which businesses on every corner are failing and homes are being repossessed, it is so crucial that people throughout the UK seek financial support and advice whatever their situation and needs may be.

With governments and national banks failing to support the people, independent financial advisors are the hope of the nation and a firm like Charleston Financial that has been set up and grown throughout the recession, it is clear that financial understanding and support can help us all through the tough times.

Increased business rates, benefits cuts and rising mortgages are on the verge of crippling the nation…financial advice is a must if any of us are going to get through.

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