By Pitney Bowes

Royal Mail’s rate change means bigger postal savings for franking machine users. But the benefits of mailing technology go beyond simply saving money.

Royal Mail recently announced its annual rate change — resulting in even greater savings for users of digital franking machines.

The rate change, announced on the 4th April 2011, means there is now an unprecedented 8p discount per letter off second class post and 7p off First Class mail when using a franking machine rather than stamps. Additionally, users can save 20p on every 1st class large letter, and 14p on every second class equivalent.

Saving money on essential business mail is a great start. Indeed, the rate change means businesses can now save a significant 23% per letter. But digital franking technology can offer many more benefits:

Save staff time

Think of the time spent buying stamps, folding documents, even licking and sealing envelopes. These jobs are often carried out by core staff or even business owners, whose time could be better spent. Investing in mailroom technology can free staff to focus on business-critical tasks and, ultimately, on growing the business.

Look professional

As the well known saying goes, there’s never a second chance to make a first impression. Mailing that is incorrectly addressed or not presented professionally will soon be discarded by today’s time-poor consumers. The latest address management tools and printers ensure the right message reaches the right person, and that every item is finished perfectly.

Keep an eye on costs

Most businesses have a poor idea of how much they spend on mailing, and yet, when calculated, it often represents a significant sum of budget. The latest account management tools can help organisations examine their postage spend by department or office. Monitoring where budget is being used allows companies to more easily identify potential areas of efficiency.

Shout about that brand or offer

Nowadays, consumers are exposed to so many advertising messages that businesses face a difficult task to make their communications stick. Franking machines enable the brand or a key marketing message to be added to the front of the envelope, attracting the attention before the communication is even opened.

Catch the eye with colour

With the Pitney Bowes Connect + Series, businesses can now print in full colour across the full width of the envelope at the same time as the mail-piece is being franked. Research shows that the use of colour can increase the open rates of mail campaigns by as much as 247%.

Every business uses the mail to communicate. With a wealth of technology available to businesses of every size there has never been a better time to automate mailing. This manual, time-consuming function can be transformed into an easy, efficient process, allowing businesses to concentrate on delivering better service and driving growth.