By Ben Simmons

The machine to machine communications market is expected to grow by a minimum of 25% per annum to 2015 according to analysts.

Indeed many industry commentators expect there to be more mobile connections between machines than humans by 2020. But how do diverse industries tap into the opportunities afforded by this market?

The Mobile Data Association (MDA) is holding a seminar entitled “Challenges, strategies and opportunities in the M2M market” on Tuesday 20th March at BDO Head Office in London. The objective is to provide access to the key players in the M2M market as well as outlining how M2M will fundamentally change businesses.

“Life without a mobile phone today is unthinkable, yet 20 years ago that was reality,” says Nigel Chadwick, Vice Chairman of MDA. “The impact of mobile on person to person communications is obvious. Machine to machine communications has the potential to grow faster and create more disruption than person to person mobile.”

“The impact for a range of businesses: from utilities to marketing agencies and from health service providers to retailers will be huge. This event provides the opportunity for the growing M2M community in the UK to share some of the market’s potential with businesses in a diverse set of industries.”

Speakers at the event include market analysts, hardware manufacturers, broadcasters, telehealth specialists and mobile network operators. Each provides a unique perspective on how M2M will change the way information is collected, communicated and acted upon.

“For anyone interested in the impact of M2M on their business, industry or indeed society, this is an ideal opportunity to find out more,” concludes Chadwick.