By Maximilian Clarke

eBay has revised upwards its 2011 mobile commerce sales forecast by some 25%, to $5bn.

As global leaders of online retail, the rapid growth in mobile, or m-commerce, sales within the company serves as a benchmark for the growing m-commerce across the globe.

Last month’s retail sales figures from the Office for National Statistics confirmed marginal growth from traditional retail sectors, whilst ‘non-store’ sales, which include m-commerce and online shopping, grew in excess of 15%.

Much of this increase has been driven by rapid smartphone sales growth. As more and more retailers commission their own, bespoke retail apps, consumers are better able to make purchases on the move.

“Mobile has fundamentally changed the way people shop, and mobile sales on eBay are growing in triple digits,” commented Angus McCarey, Retail Director for eBay UK. “As mobile continues to blur the online and offline commerce environment, our focus is on enabling all commerce by helping consumers shop anytime, anywhere and with any device, and by helping retailers keep up with technological advancements.

“Retailers need to think about how to meet the demands of the connected consumer, who will soon expect a truly integrated shopping experience that flows from their phone, to the shop and to their Facebook profile.”

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