By Daniel Hunter

The Minister for Trade & Investment, Lord Green, has today (Tuesday) begun a four day visit to South East Asia as part of Government’s trade effort.

Lord Green will touch down in Singapore and visit the Singapore Air Show before flying on to Malaysia and then Thailand.

Whilst in Thailand Lord Green will meet British businesses interested in bidding for work developing the country’s infrastructure. The need is greater after flooding during the monsoon season damaged large parts of the country.

All three countries have been identified by UK Trade & Investment as high-growth markets and all are enjoying strong growth rates.

“If we want to turn around the trade performance of this country we need to see countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand as the markets of the future," Lord Green said.

"British companies can survive and thrive in the Far East by meeting the demand that exists for high-quality goods and highly-skilled services.

“The success in recent years of the Singapore Airshow shows just how fast the civil aviation industry has grown in the region. There is an established and vibrant engineering industry here that the UK must be a part of.”

Lord Green will also visit Thailand and meet British companies already working in the market.

“Thailand is a country with huge attractions for UK companies. As well as a fast-growing, prosperous middle class, which is the hallmark of so many economies in Asia, they see the UK as the ideal partner in areas such as education, infrastructure and professional and financial services," he added.

“I want to encourage UK companies who are not exporting to this region to do so and ensure we are doing all we can to support firms working out here.”

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