By Phil Jesson

It is difficult to make improvements in business, or in life, unless you know where you are starting from!

"Unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning" - Bill Gates

Good companies are never expensive even if they charge a lot — it is about value, not cost. Remember that VAT means Value Added Tomorrow.

The first rule of business is to look after your key accounts before someone else does.

The only safe customer is one where you are exceeding their expectations, not just meeting them.

If you become an expert in the customer’s world you will probably never have to sell again.

The role of a key account manager is to improve profitability as a result of improving the customers’ profitability — it is not about fighting over a slice of the cake — it is about creating a bigger cake for the customer.

Key account management is a team sport — it is not about solo performances.

Honest differences, expressed openly, are often a sign of healthy progress.

Stand out from your competitors — don’t stand up to them. Sometimes, you have to “do a Fosbury” and go over the bar backwards to move forwards.

Article taken from “Piranhas In The Bidet” by Phil Jesson — A snappy guide to better partnerships with your customers, your people and yourself.