By Daniel Hunter

Despite the fall in this month’s figures, long term unemployment must be tackled as a priority, according to recruitment firm, Pertemps.

Unemployment saw another slight fall in the latest set of official figures. Data released from the Office for National Statistics show that overall, unemployment fell by 0.2% on the quarter to April. There are now 2.61 million unemployed people.

“We are seeing that people are being placed into roles but because of seasonal demands and lack of confidence among businesses, the fixed permanent job isn’t the only route into work any more," Carmen Watson, Managing Director of Pertemps Network Group, said.

"What we must address, however, with a greater deal of urgency is the long term unemployed who are in danger of becoming disillusioned and reluctant to work because of a lengthy period they have been away from the workplace for whatever reason. And although we have had a great deal of success in placing unemployed people back into work, it becomes much more difficult if there is any disinclination among potential candidates to find work.

“Unemployment is a problem we must tackle before it becomes long term unemployment and that means addressing the root causes that prevent people from actively seeking employment. The initiatives that have been introduced by the Government over recent months need the cooperation of businesses, recruiters and the job seekers themselves. There is still a lot to be achieved by applying some joined-up thinking and looking to obtain growth.”

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