By Maximilian Clarke

Having previously been part of the Kall Kwik franchise for almost 30 years, Cascade Group is pleased to confirm its successful relaunch under a new name and brand image.

Focused on supporting central London print and design needs, Cascade Group will continue to offer the highest on-demand print and design services available including large format display solutions and new marketing support services.

Established by Ros and Stephen Adler in 1983, Cascade Group has brought innovations ranging from colour photocopying and digital printing to London’s cosmopolitan business community and the business still features what is believed to be the only central London litho printing facility left with on-site production. More recently, their sons who now run the Group have introduced on-site large format printing and personalised marketing, helping clients to write their own success stories.

“Cascade Group has evolved into a modern print and design house built on three generations of our family's experience in this industry. We now have a chain of outlets in London’s most prestigious business districts and believe that our ability to deliver a personalised central London printing and design service is without parallel in the City,” comments Richard Adler, Group Director.

“By providing the right technology, the right people and the right solution, we ensure our clients achieve their objectives — we call this the ‘Cascade Effect’!” finishes Adler.

With a loyal clientele spanning organisations ranging from entrepreneurs and small businesses to the most prestigious FTSE100 companies, Cascade Group’s success is testament to the ability of its people to focus on delivering excellent results.

Cascade Group is embarking upon a period of investment in staff, plant equipment and acquisitions that will enhance the ‘Cascade Effect’ on London’s businesses.

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