By Maximilian Clarke

Crime on London’s transport network has fallen again, with a 10% drop in crime on London’s buses bringing the overall rate to its lowest level in 7 years,

Violent crimes fell by 14.2 over the past year, whilst incidences of criminal damage plummeted 37%, official figures show.

Despite the overall reductions in crime in the first half of the year, there has, however been an increase in some crime types on the network. On the bus network all crime categories have seen a reduction with the exception of robbery (an additional 233 offences) and sexual offences (an additional 20 offences). On the Tube and DLR networks, there has been a small increase in sexual offences and in theft.

"Bus related crime in the capital is now at its lowest level for seven years, which is a testament to the Safer Transport Command's partnership with Transport for London (TfL),” commented Chief Superintendent Sultan Taylor, Safer Transport Command. “This reduction is largely as a result of the work that TfL and each of the 32 boroughs Safer Transport Teams has achieved, with support from pan-London specialist units, through engaging with the local community, acting as a visible deterrent and arresting suspects involved in crime on the bus network. The Safer Transport Command will continue to ensure Londoners travel safely without the fear of crime."

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