By Maximilian Clarke

With more than a quarter of a million openings, London is the number one place in the UK for IT jobs, IT Salary Monitor from The IT Job Board shows.

Data from The IT Salary Monitor has revealed that the largest number of jobs advertised online are in London - 219,103 permanent positions, and 88,459 contract roles. The largest number of permanent jobs are for developers in London (18,710), and for contract - again developers in London (7,980).

When it comes to the skill most in demand, this is for SQL and SQL server roles - with 47,751 permanent jobs advertised across the UK, and 13,620 contract positions.

The highest paid permanent salary is for an Architect role in London on GBP 70,000, and the highest contracted job is for a C++ specialist at GBP 575 per day in London.

The tool pulls in 600 different permanent and contract salaries, and then breaks them down by region and skill. It also provides jobs advertised by skill and region - helping recruiters to understand skills in demand within a specific area. All data is then provided in the form of info-graphics, or regional 'Heat Maps'.

"Clearly it is not surprising that London is the place advertising the largest number of IT jobs, at the highest salaries and rates. And, SQL represents a core skill for techies as we move into 2012," said Alexandra Furnell, IT Jobs Board managing Director.

The IT Salary Monitor also provides a benchmarking tool, which highlights that there are currently 1.52 million people in the IT sector - that's one in every 18 employed people. It also highlights market trends - indicating the 'hot topics', which include: NoSQL, social media, cloud computing and mobility. The tool also provides insight into industry trends - current analysis indicates that 'although recruitment hasn't left the economic downturn unscathed, IT is an industry set to grow at 2.19 percent per annum, which is nearly five times faster than the UK average'.

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