By Daniel Hunter

The number of people living in London has reached the record high of more than 8.6 million, according to the Mayor of London Boris Johnson.

Latest forecasts predict that the capital will be home to more than 11 million people by 2050.

Boris Johnson said the latest population figures are a reminder of the huge levels of investment needed to ensure the city can continue to operate efficiently and successfully and generate surplus taxes for the rest of the country.

To manage this growth sustainably, the Mayor has been consulting widely on his London 2050 Infrastructure Plan — the first ever attempt to set out the full range of infrastructure requirements over the next half century. He also set ambitious housing targets that aim to double the number of new homes built and has identified numerous sites across the capital that are each ripe for thousands of new homes and jobs.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson said: “London’s incredible population boom is testament to the fact that this is the best big city on the planet. With more green space than any other European city, a thriving economy, a low crime rate and a roaring cultural scene it is no surprise that London is the place to be. As our incredible city continues to grow, Londoners should rest assured that we are working tirelessly to provide the homes, water, energy, schools, transport, digital connectivity and better quality of life they expect.

“What we need now is the Government to grant greater fiscal devolution to London so that we can properly fund the key infrastructure that is so vital to stimulate jobs. It is crucial that we recognise the amazing opportunities that this kind of growth can offer and step up our investment now so that London continues to be the motor of the UK economy.”

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