By Thomas Eason

LivePerson, Inc. (NASDAQ: LPSN), a provider of real-time chat, voice and content solutions that increase conversions and improve customer experience, today announced several new innovations in online engagement. These new capabilities enhance the intelligence, extend the reach, and improve the efficiency of online chat.

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Shown to increase online sales by up to 20 percent, and average order size by up to 35 percent in many use-cases, LP Chat allows online businesses to have proactive, personalised chats with prospects and customers across multiple channels, including websites, social media and mobile devices.

"At LivePerson, we strive to continuously raise the bar in chat innovation so that our customers can experience new levels of success in their online businesses," said Robert LoCascio, CEO, LivePerson. "Innovation has been a driving force at LivePerson since the company's inception, and we are thrilled to be able to provide our customers with highly advanced, effective tools in real-time online engagement."
With the availability of these newest capabilities, LP Chat is more intuitive, sophisticated and valuable than ever before. These capabilities include:

Analytics Driven Engagement (ADE) leverages website analytics data to automatically create and update the intelligent business rules that control where and when proactive chat invitations are issued. This ensures invitations are sent when they are most likely to yield the greatest results, improving the customer's experience and maximizing the value of the online chat programme.

Re-connect links enable customers to continue chats with the same agent at a later time or from another device. For example, this allows the customer to seamlessly transition their chat conversation from their laptop to their mobile phone, or to re-initiate the chat with the same agent at a later time or date.

Invitation-to-chat links provide for exciting new possibilities in marketing and customer service, beyond the website. For example, live chats can now be initiated by scanning a QR code on a display ad or printed product documentation.

Third-party data providers can integrate with LP Chat to offer an additional layer of visitor data, enhancing LP Chat's capability to target the most valuable customers. For example, when integrated with the service of eco-system partner Demandbase, LP Chat users can better prioritise sales-leads by leveraging Demandbase's ability to identify the company domain of a web-visitor and provide valuable data, including company name, size, revenue, industry and location, all in real time.

With this intelligence, high-priority leads can be put at the top of the queue and chat agents are able to conduct more effective discussions and offer higher levels of assistance. Learn how a leading software company tripled their conversion rates with the LivePerson-Demandbase joint solution by watching their video case study.

LivePerson's innovations are helping to drive success for online businesses of all sizes. Beau-coup, a leader in online gifts and favors, implemented ADE in order to improve proactive chat performance and to optimise customer service resources. "Analytics Driven Engagement is really taking the guesswork out of creating a dynamic and effective chat programme," said Cassie Haughey, Head of Customer Service, Beau-coup. "Not only has our proactive chat produced more conversions, we've seen customer satisfaction scores increase by 20%."

For more detailed information about Beau-coup's success with ADE, view the video case study here.

These new capabilities all complement LivePerson's suite of engagement solutions, including LP Marketer, LP Voice, and others. To read more on the latest innovations, visit our What's New With Chat? page.

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