By Louise Findlay-Wilson, Creator of PrPro and owner of Energy PR

As a big LinkedIn user I am often asked for some quick ways to get more out of the social medium. So I thought I’d share 10 quick ways to up your LinkedIn game...

Profile - ensure your profile photo is up to date. The website link in your profile should be tailored (don’t use the ‘your website’ default offered by LinkedIn). Have a mix of recommendations, which reflect the kind of businesses you’d like to be working with

More - look under the ‘more’ tab, all the goodies are there! Think about uploading a slide share presentation or upload some of your skills (something LinkedIn are beta testing at the moment). Run polls to create some news and interaction.

Groups - join groups aimed at the kind of businesses you’d like to be working with, identify prolific networkers in the groups and join the conversations — DONT sell

Events - use the events feature to promote events you are at/hosting

Questions - identify relevant questions and show your expertise by answering them. Asking questions is also good. It shows you’re customer orientated, it is also an opportunity to float ideas for (or even soft launch) products/services

Groups - consider hosting a Group on LinkedIn — but take care that the group has a profile that is user orientated; it should be all about them not you. Of course don’t let your competitors join the group!

Updates - when posting comments/updates make sure they relate to the expertise you are trying to communicate.

Connect - identify organisations and influencers (including journalists) who may be reaching out to your prospective customers — check out the groups they are in, the shows they are going to. Where possible connect up — but use a personalised approach, not LinkedIn’s default message.

Contacts - ask your most influential contacts to suggest people you should be telling about your services — and use LinkedIn to research them.

Content - ask contacts or people in groups for views, quotes or experiences that can be used to add substance to your news releases, blogs, downloads, and features.

LinkedIn offers an abundance of communications opportunities beyond simply ‘linking’. Why not give yourself a Christmas present and unwrap them!

If you’re still struggling with LinkedIn’s possibilities or want more advice and inspiration, I’ve a free download to share. Download a free copy of Don’t Just Think, Link.

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