By John Straw, CEO, Linkdex

More businesses would invest in getting themselves to the top of Google and other search engines if they knew what to do and how to do it. Being at the top of the search results generates sales, but the link between SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tasks and return is often hard to measure.

Linkdex, launched today creates an SEO workflow that is measurable and can be tracked over time. With the release of Linkdex, businesses and SEO professionals can now use a single integrated and scalable SEO platform saving them time and money, driving sales conversions, and getting the best return on SEO investment.

“Our goal from the start was to create an application to help millions of businesses get ahead in SEO, attract and give them control of where their business appears on Google and Bing as well local search engines. Our application is designed and beta-tested by both businesses and agencies to make SEO more efficient, manageable, and cost-effective” said Linkdex CEO, John Straw.

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“I have to say, Linkdex is one of the most exciting SEO applications that I have seen to date,” said SEO expert, trainer and author, Matt Bailey. “We started beta testing the application at SiteLogic. Within minutes of loading client and competitor data, we discovered an amazing amount of information that will prioritize and help manage both our on page and link building work for clients. We’re also excited that Linkdex enables us to coordinate SEO projects across a team of people.”

“I've already listed Linkdex as one of my recommended products in my upcoming book, Internet Marketing: An Hour a Day. This is exactly the tool that any business owner who is reading the book will need to have to manage a successful SEO program,” added Bailey.

Francois Roux, CEO of New York Habitat, a vacation rental portal with thousands of rental properties in Paris, London and New York, and a beta tester of Linkdex notes, “To compete successfully in the travel industry today means you need to be both an expert and resource efficient in SEO and SEM campaigns. Within a week of utilizing the Linkdex SEO application, my team is able to better prioritize link building efforts as well as track how our SEO activities translate into ranking and traffic results.”

Linkdex’s proprietary crawling and filtering algorithms create signals that allow the system to show causality between actions and SEO results. The ability to provide clean, fresh, segmentable data and act upon it to see results over time has been described by SEOs as a ‘game changer.’

Linkdex SEO tools include the following features to allow businesses to take control of SEO:

Step by step SEO task manager: Linkdex provides an easy to use interface making SEO workflow transparent and measurable.

Google Analytics integration: Linkdex is integrated with Google analytics to provide traffic figures for targeted keywords as well as more detailed set of SEO KPI’s.

Keyword research: Linkdex mines the Google API to help SMBs develop a targeted list of essential keywords and start saving and tracking their rankings.

Rank tracking: Linkdex tracks the changes in your site’s ranking on the select keywords you want to be found for; SMBs can discover their ranking pages relevance score for each keyword.

Site optimization advice: Linkdex provides a color-coded summary of how Web pages performed, featuring page score; measurements are updated weekly and take into account any improvements made.

Competitor analysis: Linkdex features easy to understand chart graphs that compare your site versus the competition; SMBs will learn what types of websites are linking to them, giving them a detailed account of their competitor’s linking websites.

Link building: Linkdex enables viewing of linking pages and lists domains and pages that link to the domains you ask of it.

SEO tutorials: Linkdex provides essential SEO ‘best practices’ for SMBs on how to improve their online marketing.

“One of the hardest things for a small company or agency to manage in the SEO process is an ongoing list of prioritized tasks to improve search rankings, whether that’s link building, improving site optimization, or submitting updated information to search engines,” said Eric Enge, president of Stone Temple Consulting, and SEO expert and author.

“One of the things I liked best about Linkdex is it will either fully automate task management for a marketer, or it will let the more experienced marketer make choices about what SEO activities they want to pursue next. In addition, one of the most unique features in Linkdex is a graphical report that demonstrates when an SEO activity was completed and what subsequent effect that activity had on page ranking. This traditionally was a complex report that Linkdex makes extremely simple and easy to understand,” Enge added.

The standard subscription, which provides all the SEO tools a small businesses will ever need, is only $49 a month. Plans for agencies and large businesses will be announced shortly.

John Straw notes that widespread adoption of Linkdex will hinge on a couple of key supporting factors: availability to millions of businesses through a network of distribution partners and a marketplace of top-notch SEO agencies who are available to support companies in implementation of a results-driven SEO program utilizing Linkdex. Linkdex expects to make a series of announcements in the coming months on both these fronts.

John Straw has been an internet marketing entrepreneur for more than 15 years. Previously Straw served as VP of European Operation for Interse, a website usability application acquired by Microsoft and VP of Marketing at Revnet Systems, an email management software company.

Linkdex is a software development company that will announce distribution and marketing partnerships in the United States and Europe in 2011. John Straw and Co-founder Matthew Roberts founded the company in 2009 with a vision of helping marketers easily navigate the current maze of SEO. The company has received round A venture capital funding from Amadeus Capital Partners. In January of 2011 Linkdex was awarded a prestigious SEO/Natural Search Innovation award by eConsultancy, LLC.

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